Miles ApartWe are the more creative side of Next Scene Films Ltd. The Productions part of the company creates short films, scripts, animations & we will be looking to move in to the documentary & feature film area of the industry. Our Managing Director & Founder Matthew Crofts first created two short films at University in 2006 & 2007. Miles Apart his debut student film was broadcasted on Sky TV on the Propeller TV student film channel and also on VOD website in Sweden, India & the USA. It was also screened on the BBC Big Screen in Edinburgh for a month in February 2013.

Following graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, Matt created Next Scene Famous Films (now known as Next Scene Films) and created several more live action films + a few short animations. These films have been shown at festivals across the UK including the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in 2013, the Zero Budget Film Festival in Sheffield in both 2011 & 2012 and also the Saltaire Film Festival in Bradford. The films have also been shown in other festivals across the UK.

As well as creating short films we also write scripts for films & TV shows we do not shoot, these have been given great feedback including. “I loved the epic scale of the conspiracy and the mind blowing questions that are thrown up”, “The storytelling is powerful and engaging” & “The writer switches neatly between the present and the past and the Old Man’s story is particularly moving”.

We are currently working on new short films to shoot this year as well as planning a documentary & rough ideas for a feature film. If you have a script you wish for us to read or to film please feel free to contact us