Here at Next Scene Films we strongly believe in caring for the environment & whilst we work we limit our impact upon it. Whether it will be recycling any paper we print (we keep printing to a minimum anyway) or recycling of old DVD discs and electronic equipment. We keep the use of electrical items to a minimum where possible. When traveling to a location we car share to save on fuel and carbon footprint. It is very important that companies across the world take responsibility.Lanzarote 2011 67

  • We are always committed to evaluating our impact on the environment to make it the least we possibly can.
  • We will always recycle when possible.
  • We review our impact on to the environment for every project we take on and act accordingly.
  • When buying new equipment we will consider the impact it will make on the environment and buy accordingly.
  • When updating equipment we always dispose of old equipment in the best possible way.
  • With every short film we create we bare in mind our impact upon the environment when planning, executing & evaluating the film shoot.